Hand Sawing

Hand sawing is the cutting process in which an operator utilizes a handheld saw with a diamond impregnated tipped circular blade used for cutting any materials. The handheld saw is driven hydraulically from one of our power units through hydraulic hoses connecting to the saw. The cutting process requires the use of water to keep dust down and properly cool down the diamond impregnated tipped blade. If water is not available, all operators carry 250 gallon water tanks on each truck and are self-sufficient.

Our Hand Sawing Tools:

Our hydraulic power units are 35 horsepower Diamond Products CB35BVXL with 15 GPM pumps. They connect normally with 50 or 100 foot heavy duty hydraulic hoses due to the high horsepower and higher pump GPM’s, we are able to run at maximum efficiency giving the operator easy accessibility to hard to get to applications.

Our handsaws range from a diameter of 16 inch to 30 inch. The 16 inch saws cut up to 5 inches deep, the 20 inch cuts up to 8 inches deep, the 24 cuts up to 10 inches deep and the 30 inch cuts up to 12 inches deep.

South Florida Hand Sawing Experts

Due to our trained and highly skilled operators, no job is too big or too small. Reliable Concrete Cutting LLC has outfitted all trucks with a 20, 24, and 30 inch regular handsaws and a 24 inch flush cut handsaw on every truck so every operator is capable of doing any job!

Custom Diamond Blade Hand Saws:

We have our diamond blades custom made to our specifications so we are able to cut any application possible. To get the process started, our operators just need the layout marked out for the application being cut.

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Hand Sawing Applications Include:

  • Doorway openings
  • Window openings
  • Garage door openings
  • Concrete trenches
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Wall Cutting
  • Roof Cutting