Chain Sawing

Diamond chain sawing is cutting done by using a chainsaw with diamond impregnated segments on every link of chain. The diamond segments allow cutting of all concrete products including reinforced concrete products. Diamond chain sawing is done by either gas powered or hydraulic powered. Our gas chain saws can cut up to a 16” cutting depth, and our hydraulic chain saws can cut up to a 30” cutting depth. Our hydraulic diamond chain saws are ICS 890 PRO/890 PRO Flush Cut, and ICS 814 PRO. Our gas chain saws are ICS 695. The diamond chain we use is custom made to our specifications to best perform and suit our customers’ needs.

Diamond chain sawing is the most expensive technique to cut because of the high cost of equipment and diamond chain, but it is the only method to properly and accurately perform certain types of cutting. In some circumstances though, it saves money because of its versatility and mobility. The most common use of a diamond chain saw is for cutting corners with no overcutting and small openings where locations cannot have any overcuts. When using a diamond chain saw, normally the job does not take long due to the speed and efficiency of this technology and equipment.

South Florida’s Best Diamond Chain Sawing Experts

Our trained and highly skilled operators utilize either the gas or hydraulic chain saws with efficiency and ease. Reliable Concrete Cutting LLC will take on any job, regardless of size. Diamond chain sawing also works well for cutting large pieces of natural and synthetic rock, stone, masonry, brick, block; virtually any hard material.

Diamond Chain Sawing has become an essential tool in the concrete cutting industry.

Diamond Chain Sawing Applications Include:

  • Square corners with no overcuts
  • Precise openings of all shapes and sizes
  • Concrete pipe taps
  • Deep plunge cuts
  • Landscape and hardscape jobs
  • Tight radiuses