GPR Concrete Scanning

GPR Concrete Scanning:

Cutting, coring and construction professionals require a reliable, non-destructive means to locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring by the use of ground penetrating radar. When the concrete is scanned prior to cutting, drilling or coring, we are able to detect what lies beneath the surface by safely identifying conduit locations or cables/reinforcement, therefore avoiding costly or dangerous hits

Reliable Concrete Cutting uses to of the line Ground penetrating radar to locate critical subsurface obstacles before we cut, core, or Penetrate and surface. Projects often require cutting, coring, or breaking a concrete slab that we don’t know what is under the surface. This can be dangerous, as the potential to strike rebar, pipes, post tension cables, and conduits. By scanning first we can eliminate risk, reduce safety issues, and keep projects on track and on schedule with limited job closure and unnecessary down time.

We can detect Rebar, Post Tension Cables, Pipes and Conduits, Hollow Spots and deteriorations.