Mirador 100 Hotel

Deep cut slab sawing Sea cap walls for Contractor’s removal.

Mirador 100 Hotel


Miami Beach, FL


Shoreline Foundation

Mirador 100 Hotel


Caught in Between, Struck byes, Falls, Containment of Slurry in water


All PPE worn is a must, along with a Osha-approved life vest, due to working on a Leaning Edge over water, also preventing drownings in case of falls. Containment of Slurry using a Water barrier was installed to contain the slurry. Precutting sections of Sea cap with regular Slab saw 1’ft deep 1st. 2nd, rigging of the section, then Deep Cut Slab sawing to be removed on Contractor’s barge.


All pieces of Sea cap were successfully cut and removed without accidents, incidents, or injuries. Another satisfied Customer!

Mirador 100 Hotel

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