I-95 Northbound pass Hollywood Blvd.

Hand sawing sound barrier walls lane expansion. Removal of walls which were cut into 10’ft long x 5ft’ wide x 10” deep, crane lifted on flatbed trucks

Reliable Concrete Cutting and Drilling


Hollywood, FL


Archer Western DeMoya JV

Reliable Concrete Cutting and Drilling


Caught in between, Falls, Struck by, Electrocution.


All PPE being worn is a must! Proper use of hand saws is necessary to prevent caught in between. Aerial lift with all fall protection (harness and yo-yo) will be used to access work location. No overhead work, eliminating struck by. Crane will be rigged a minimum of 15’ft from overhead powerlines. Lightning will be monitored, at 8 miles or more, preventing electrocutions.


All pieces were successfully cut and removed, with no accidents, injuries, or incidents. Another satisfied Customer!

Reliable Concrete Cutting and Drilling