Courvoisier Centre CC1 and CC2

Hand sawing and Removal of exterior balcony/ knee walls around the perimeter of the building for installation of


Brickell Key, Fl


Grycon Construction


Caught in Between, Struck byes, Falls, Electrocution, Dehydration.


All PPE being worn is a must! Each morning a “Toolbox” talk was given to ensure a Productive game plan with all operators and helpers. Water and Gatorade were supplied for the crew of workers. Hand saws, Chain saws, Ring saws, chipping guns, Mast climbers, Aerial lifts, Telehandlers, and Skid steers were used to complete the Operation of work properly, along with Spotters, danger tapping work area @ all times on the ground floor.


All pieces were Successfully cut, demoed, lowered to the ground floor, and removed without accidents, incidents, or injuries!!! Another satisfied Customer!!!

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