Causeway Drive Bridge Expansion

Hand sawing concrete piles 30”x30”x6” deep @ 4’ft above ground level located 30’ft below grade.

Causeway Drive Bridge Expansion


Fort Pierce, FL


Vecellio and Grogan

Causeway Drive Bridge Expansion


Caught in Between, Struck byes, Dehydration, Ventilation, Heat Exhaustion.


All PPE worn is a must! Proper use of equipment prevents any Caught in Between. Installment of underground ventilation fans for adequate clean/ cool air supplying water and electrolytes, decreasing the hazard of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Cut the three sides of the pilings 1st. Once the crane is in place with proper rigging, make the final cut, allowing the crane to swing piling away from the operator and stockpile away from the work area, preventing Struck by hazards.


All pieces were successfully cut and removed without accidents, incidents, or injuries. Another satisfied Customer!

Causeway Drive Bridge Expansion

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