Track Sawing

Track sawing is performed by a diamond blade that is spun by a high frequency electric motor that is mounted on a track mounting system. The track must be mounted and installed before any cuts can be made. The track-mounted high frequency electric motor is then attached to the track and the diamond blade can begin the precision cutting to be done.

Track Sawing

Our Track Sawing Tools:

Our track saws are remote controlled and are the most advanced technology wall saws made by Tyrolit, model number WSE2226. The WSE2226 is 38 horsepower high frequency electric motor, which is the largest and most powerful track saw in the industry. The WSE2226 is powered by our 45 horsepower Wacker towable generators so we are self-sufficient once we get to the job. Our track saws can run a maximum blade diameter of 86 inches, this gives a total depth of approximately 40 inches. A few benefits of using a track saw is that the unit is highly portable and easy installed for precision cutting. There are no jobs too big or too small for the track saw. Once the cutting begins, it can be completed fairly quickly, the most time consuming part of the process is laying out and installing the actual track.

Track Sawing Experts:Less

Our trained and highly skilled operators utilize the track saw with ease and efficiency to meet all expected needs of our customers.

Once we have our marks on what is to be cut and the depth we need, we can connect the track to the concrete with anchors to make the precision cuts that are completed by the track saw.

Track Sawing Applications Include:

  • Door openings over 12 inches thick

  • Cutting depth of concrete up to 40 inches

  • Cutting precise cuts in concrete over 8 inches deep with heavy steel

  • Large openings in concrete buildings

  • Cutting upside down and hard to reach places with precision

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