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At RCC we provide a variety of cutting and sawing services to handle your every construction need. If there is a tool or service not listed on our website, please call us directly so that we can find a custom solution for your project’s needs.

Cutting And Sawing Services
  • GPR Concrete Scanning: Cutting, coring and construction professionals require a reliable, non-destructive means to locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring by the use of ground penetrating radar. When the concrete is scanned prior to cutting, drilling or coring, we are able to detect what lies beneath the surface by safely identifying conduit locations or cables/reinforcement, therefore avoiding costly or dangerous hits.

  • Concrete Pour Back: Concrete pour back is the process of refilling concrete to a hole or cut made by drilling, cutting or coring. The layout must first be marked for what is being cut, drilled and removed, then the cutting or drilling is completed and the old concrete is removed by means of hand or specialty equipment depending on the size of the removal and pour back. Our crews will come in and install whatever reinforcement needed for application and the concrete will be poured back and finished. Our trained and highly skilled operators can handle any concrete pour back job, big or small and will get the job done in a timely manner.

  • Soft Demolition: Soft demolition is the demolition of inside walls, tile wall and floors, drywall walls, beams, doors, windows, bathrooms, stairs, etc. Our demolition crews can take on any soft demolition job needed. With our fully equipped fleet of trucks and our trained and highly skilled operators, we can get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. Call us for any of your soft demolition needs and let us do the dirty work!

  • Concrete Scarifying: Concrete scarifying is the removal of layers of concrete on floors or slabs, by means of carbide inserts grinding the surface with powerful machines. The reason to scarify concrete is to remove thick portions or layers of the surface of decking, slabs or concrete surfaces. Let us decide if scarifying is needed for your application by giving us a call.

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